The PAN Board  organizes a range of activities throughout the year. Many are classified as star events on the Paris calendar. Others, often proposed by members, are tailored to specific interests.

Traditional holiday celebrations:

  • Fourth of July Barbecue
  • Thanksgiving Dinner at Joe Allen’s, and
  • Christmas Caroling party.

Shared evenings at Old Member/New Member Parties, the PAN Restaurant Series and other theme-based dinner parties.

  • Group and solo exhibitions of work by PAN artists.
  • Guided tours of museums, exhibitions, monuments and other attractions.
  • Literary activities: talks and readings by members and guest authors.
  • Book clubs and discussion groups.
  • Theater, music and dance outings.
  • Workshops on a variety of subjects: wine tasting, cooking and more.
  • Sightseeing in and out of Paris: guided tours of parks, gardens and historic areas.
  • Hiking and bridge groups.
  • Conferences and panel debates: history, current events, economics, politics, science, and the environment.